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I Still Believe in Love

I wanna share this conversation I had with someone I guess just a month after my ex and I had to end our relationship.

SO: Do you still believe in love after being hurt? Still willing to fall in love again?

Me: I do and I will definitely fall in love again.

SO: Why?

Me: You know, love never destroys people. It never will. It’s people who destroy love. So no matter how broken my heart is, no matter how hurt and lonely I am, I will never give up on falling in love again, I will never give up on believing in love again. Someday, the right person will show and prove me why giving up on love should never be a choice.

SO: (smiled)

I was terribly hurt by someone I truly loved. But at the end of the day, I still have this faith that the right love will come to me. I’ll have this better love story I’ll never get tired of reminiscing and sharing with other people again and again. 🙂



Hi there! Call me MJ! I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for quite a long time now but I think I just got the courage to do it today.

Who Am I? Well, I’m an introvert type of person. I’m not good at expressing myself in front of a lot of people. I do it best using my laptop but most of the time, with pen and paper. I’m an observer. I don’t speak out my thoughts about certain issues right away. I think about it well, I spend time weighing things before I come up with my own ideas and decisions. You think I’m a perfectionist? I think I’m not. I just don’t want to be careless making decisions that I could have a regret on at the end of the day. Well, I was careless and I learned my lesson well.

I love writing, mostly of poems. I write about my feelings regardless of how good or bad they are. I also get inspiration from people who share their stories to me. I like it, listening to people’s stories, having a deep conversation with people with shared life experience. There’s a certain connection that makes me feel good. A feeling that makes me think like this is what life is all about. I learn from them, they learn from me.

Maybe, somehow, you could find yourself in my shoes. This is the only way I can express myself freely. So I’m gonna share some of my essays and poems here. Hope you like them.