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I’ll Be Home…We’ll Be Home.

I’ll Be Home…We’ll Be Home.

It’s very hard to say goodbye to the person I loved the most. I was confused and I was asking myself why I had to be in that painful situation when all I did was to love that person with the best that I could. I felt broken, unwanted, and lost. It was more painful when I made that person my world. I made him the reason for me to look forward to the next day. Thinking the rest of my life spending with him brought me happiness, motivation, and life. But one day, all just suddenly disappeared and I found myself alone.

Strangely, I also found myself forgiving him. I was able to forgive him easily because I know that he loved me. I am not sure how long or how deep it was but one thing’s for sure, he did. I’ll just be glad for that.

It will take time to heal the wound it caused my heart. But as days pass by, I’m learning to accept and understand that there are things beyond my control. There are things I want to have but I will never have. That acceptance and understanding help me a lot to greet new days with a stronger heart. And I am glad that my faith to Him is becoming more intact as I continue to move on with my life. He was and is still able to make me feel that He has a better plan for me. I am holding on to that faith that He will give me a better love story I truly deserve. All I have to do is to be patient waiting for His right time.

I was lost and maybe still am, but I know that someone out there is also lost trying to find his way home. And at the right place and time, our paths will cross and together we’ll find our way home… together… we’ll be home.

I want to dedicate this poem to that someone. I’ll see you sooner or later. 🙂

We’ll Be Home

The cold breeze brought shiver down my spine
The sound of birds singing became music that time
I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment,
No worries, no pain, but only a solace
And then I prayed…

To see the ocean’s beauty with you by my side
With your arms wrapped around me,
Listening as you whisper the promises of love
Feeling that you are mine and I am yours.

That under the same sky, we’re both dreaming
Under the same moon, we’re both praying
Under the same stars, we’re both wishing
Under one true love, we’re both living.

So from here I promise to be patiently waiting
As God leads your way to where you belong
But for now, my dear, please be strong
For one day, someday, we’ll be home.