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Isn’t amazing to have the ability to control the time and the events in our lives? Maybe no more people will be sad. Mistakes will be corrected right away. Wounded hearts will be healed easily. There will be no people left alone and broken. And the promise of a happily ever after will finally happen.

Would you be still willing to go back to the past and claim again the happiness that was stolen from you? That’s the question that bothered me a lot. I wasn’t able to respond right away. It left me thinking for many nights until one day, I finally got and felt the answer.


There’s an empty room with the door closed
I came near and held the knob
To my surprise it’s unlocked
I opened it and it’s all dark.

I was in doubt and a little scared
But I bravely tried to enter
The darkness was blinding;
The silence was deafening.

Slowly I walked unsure of anything
But deep in my heart I wanted to find something
So I searched for the switch and took a deep breath
I found it and so I ended the darkness.

In the middle was a big box waiting for me
And there’s a small button teasing to be pressed on
I gasped as I read what the box was about
There’s a time machine in front of my eyes.

A time machine, yes, it was
An instant smile was drawn on my face
I got my chance to get you back
And avoid the mistake that set us apart.

But then tears fell from my eyes
Do I really want to have you back?
If it happened again the next time around,
Should I enter this room again and again?

Then I saw myself and the scene was tiring
I could have you back but my heart’s still broken
Saw you in my arms but my eyes were full of tears
Not of happiness but of pain and sadness.

Suddenly I found myself outside the room
I closed the door and found it locked now
I had this smile brighter than the sun
The button inside…
I left untouched.



Hi there! Call me MJ! I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for quite a long time now but I think I just got the courage to do it today.

Who Am I? Well, I’m an introvert type of person. I’m not good at expressing myself in front of a lot of people. I do it best using my laptop but most of the time, with pen and paper. I’m an observer. I don’t speak out my thoughts about certain issues right away. I think about it well, I spend time weighing things before I come up with my own ideas and decisions. You think I’m a perfectionist? I think I’m not. I just don’t want to be careless making decisions that I could have a regret on at the end of the day. Well, I was careless and I learned my lesson well.

I love writing, mostly of poems. I write about my feelings regardless of how good or bad they are. I also get inspiration from people who share their stories to me. I like it, listening to people’s stories, having a deep conversation with people with shared life experience. There’s a certain connection that makes me feel good. A feeling that makes me think like this is what life is all about. I learn from them, they learn from me.

Maybe, somehow, you could find yourself in my shoes. This is the only way I can express myself freely. So I’m gonna share some of my essays and poems here. Hope you like them.